Battle of The Bands is a Union Hall competition series.

    It gives bands the opportunity for exposure, experience and a chance to win big this summer!

    Compete in our local Battle of the Bands competition for a chance to win a professionally produced video with audio, and the opportunity to headline your own show at Union Hall!

    The competition consists of three to four Battle of the Band nights and four bands every night!
    Winners from each night will take home 75% of ticket sales for that night and then compete in a final round for the grand prize.

    About this Event

    Four bands will play four songs each and will be judged based upon:

    Their ability to draw a crowd (each audience member will select an act that brought them to Union Hall or one that they are interested in seeing perform)
    The quality of their music (determined by professional musicians in the audience)
    Audience engagement (determined by Union Hall staff)



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