October 29th // Medal Militia & Maiden Mania




    Medal Militia is the premier Metallica tribute in Florida. Founded in late 2012 by  lead guitarist James Obrien as he was stationed at Mayport Naval Station. The current line up would not fully come together until the summer of 2015 and although the line up has changed a few times since it has come full circle back to what it is now: Retired Navy Chief James Obrien lead guitar and founding member, Retired Navy Chief Jim Pyle lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Patriot Troy Taylor bass guitar and backing vocals and Acting Petty Officer Kyle Coe drums.

     Medal Militia, so named for the medals all military wear on their unforms, bring both the professionalism of the military training and intensity and ferocity of military life and Metallica’s music!

    Medal Militia brings you the best Metallica concert experience you can get short of seeing Metallica themselves.



    Maiden Mania, formed in 2021, is South Florida’s paramount Iron Maiden tribute act bringing hours of material from the legendary British rockers in a high-energy, action-packed performance.

    Maiden Mania showcases fan favorites such as Run To The Hills, Wrathchild, Hallowed Be Thy Name, The Number of The Beast, Power Slave, The Trooper, Aces High, Fear Of The Dark, and many other deep cuts for the die-hard Maiden Maniacs!

    Maiden Mania strives to bring a faithful recreation of your favorite British heavy metal band without compromise.