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    Liquor Cabinet
    Spirits, Beer & Wine Menu

    All Spirits Come in 1 Liter Bottles

    Item Type Sale Price (includes tax and fees)
    Crystal Palace Gin GIN $30
    Tanqueray GIN $40
    Hendricks GIN $50
    Bombay GIN $40
    Tamiami GIN $40
    New Amsterdam GIN $40
    Ron Corina RUM $30
    Bacardi RUM $40
    Malibu RUM $40
    The Real McCoy – Aged 3 Years RUM $50
    Myers’s Dark Rum RUM $50
    Cruzan RUM $40
    Captain Morgan RUM $40
    Patron TEQUILA $50
    Torada TEQUILA $40
    Cazadores TEQUILA $40
    Corralejo TEQUILA $50
    Jose Cuervo TEQUILA $40
    99 Grapes VODKA $40
    Grey Goose VODKA $60
    Crystal Palace VODKA $30
    Tito’s VODKA $40
    FC Strawberry VODKA $40
    Deep Eddy’s Ruby Red VODKA $40
    Absolut VODKA $40
    Belvedere VODKA $50
    HighNoon BlackCherry BOTTLED BEERS $3
    HighNoon Pineapple BOTTLED BEERS $3
    Coors BOTTLED BEERS $3
    Corona BOTTLED BEERS $3
    Heineken BOTTLED BEERS $3
    White Claw Mango BOTTLED BEERS $3
    White Claw Black Cherry BOTTLED BEERS $3
    Guinness BOTTLED BEERS $4
    Jai Alai BOTTLED BEERS $3
    Stella Artois BOTTLED BEERS $3
    Spiked Seltzer BOTTLED BEERS $3
    Budweiser BOTTLED BEERS $3
    Bud Light BOTTLED BEERS $3
    Pabst Blue Ribbon BOTTLED BEERS $3
    O’Doul’s BOTTLED BEERS $3
    Miller Lite BOTTLED BEERS $3
    Ultra BOTTLED BEERS $3
    Irish Cream CHILLED LIQUORS $40
    Fireball CHILLED LIQUORS $40
    Seeker Pinot Noir RED WINES $40
    Trouble Red Blend RED WINES $40
    ZB Pinot noir RED WINES $40
    A-Z Pinot Noir RED WINES $40
    Montes Merlot RED WINES $40
    RattleSnake Zinfandel RED WINES $80
    SR Petit Sirah RED WINES $60
    Sentinel Cabernet RED WINES $100
    ZB Cabernet Souvignon RED WINES $60
    SR Zinfandel RED WINES $60
    Seeker Cabernet Souvignon RED WINES $40
    Seeker Malbec RED WINES $40
    Seeker Chianti RED WINES $30
    Stave & Steel Cabernet Souvignon RED WINES $40
    BoneShaker Zinfandel RED WINES $40
    Story Point Chard WHITE WINES $30
    zb chard WHITE WINES $40
    Seeker Pinot Grigio WHITE WINES $30
    Seeker Chardanay WHITE WINES $30
    Seeker Sauv Blanc WHITE WINES $30
    Torsella Big Prosseco WHITE WINES $10
    Studio Rose WHITE WINES $30
    JP Chenet Big Brut WHITE WINES $40
    Seeker Reisling WHITE WINES $30
    J Lohr Sauv WHITE WINES $30
    Acrobat Pinot Grigio WHITE WINES $30
    masso PG WHITE WINES $40
    Gravel Bar Chard WHITE WINES $30
    SR chard WHITE WINES $30
    Prosseco WHITE WINES $30
    Kentucky Gentleman WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $30
    Jameson WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $50
    Four Roses WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $50
    Crown Apple WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $50
    Crown WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $50
    Jack WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $50
    Jack Fire WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $50
    Makers WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $60
    Brown Sugar Bourban WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $50
    Southern Comfort WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $40
    Bulleit Rye WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $70
    1792 WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $60
    JW Black WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $70
    Bulleit WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $70
    Angels Envy Rye WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $90
    Heavens Door DB WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $80
    Buffalo Trace WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $120
    Sagamore DBL Oak Rye WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $110
    Skrewball WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $70
    Heavens Door TB WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $90
    Knob Creek WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $90
    Yellowstone Bourbon WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $100
    Sagamore Rye WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $90
    Glenfiddich WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $70
    Seagrams 7 WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $50
    Double Oak Woodford WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $110
    Wild Turkey 101 WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $60
    Angels Envy WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $90
    Jw Blue WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $200
    Canadian Club WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $70
    Old Forrester WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $100
    Macallan WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $160
    Seagrams VO WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $50
    Sagamore Cognac WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $120
    Dewars WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $80
    Slane WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $60
    Gentleman Jack WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $160
    Sinatra WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $180
    Woodford WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $110
    Glenlevit WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $80
    Makers 46 WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $140
    Heavens Door Rye WHKY/BRBN/SCTCH $120
    UH Cocktail Kit
    Choose Your Cocktail
    Drink Liquor Mixers Included
    Daiquiri Rum Lime Juice, Simple Syrup
    Dry Martini Gin/Dry Vermouth Orange Bitters
    French 75 Gin Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup
    Margarita Tequila/Triple Sec Lime Juice, Sour Mix, Lime
    Gimlet Gin Lime Juice, Garnish with a lime
    Manhattan Whiskey Bitters, Sweet
    Mojito Rum Mint Leaves, Simple Syrup, Soda Water
    Moscow Mule Vodka Lime Juice, Ginger Beer, Lime
    Old Fashioned Bourbon Bitters, Simple Syrup, Orange Wheel, Maraschino Cherry
    New York Sour Bourbon Cabernet Wine
    Whiskey Sour Bourbon Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Orange wheel
    Choose Your Tier of Liquor

    Drink in a Box Prices (Including Tax & Service Fees)

    $79 $99 $119 $139
    Crystal Palace Gin Tanqueray Hendricks Maker’s Mark
    Ron Corina Bombay The Real McCoy – Aged 3 Years Yellowstone Bourbon
    Crystal Palace Tamiami Myers’s Dark Rum Makers 46
    Corralejo New Amsterdam Grey Goose Buffalo Trace
    Kentucky Gentleman Bacardi Belvedere Heavens Door Rye
    Malibu Patron JW Black
    Cruzan Southern Comfort Old Forrester
    Captain Morgan Jim Beam Woodford
    Tito’s Angels Envy Rye Gent. Jack
    99 Grapes Knob Creek Angels Envy
    FC Strawberry Bulleit Rye Heavens Door TB
    Deep Eddy’s Ruby Red Bulleit
    Absolut Heavens Door DB
    Jose Cuervo